Measure K - Five Year Bike & Pedestrian Program

As part of the recently approved Capital Improvement Program, the City included $1.5 million in future improvements as part of the five-year Bike and Pedestrian Improvement Program.  The program proposes a number of bicycle or pedestrian related improvements, primarily funded with new Measure K funds.  The plan will continue the progressive work that staff has accomplished over the past 10 years, including constructing a number of bicycle and pedestrian related enhancements along various regional corridors (e.g. Contra Costa Boulevard, Geary Road, Buskirk Avenue, Golf Club Road, and the Contra Costa Canal Trail).

​Over the next two years, the budget allocates a total of $567,000 in Measure K funds and another $200,000 in gas tax funds.  Projects include the installation of pedestrian-actuated crosswalk beacons at frequently used pedestrian crossings, including Contra Costa Boulevard/Doris Drive intersection (Spring 2019 installation), Viking Drive/Contra Costa Canal Trail crossing (Spring 2019 installation), Putnam Boulevard/Contra Costa Canal Trail crossing (Fall 2019 installation), and a key school crossing near College Park High School (Summer 2019 installation).  City staff will begin the design phase for new sidewalks along Pleasant Hill Road (between Pleasant View Drive and Cumberland Drive) and along Taylor Boulevard (between Ruth Drive and Civic Drive).

​The City will expand the bike lanes along Pleasant Hill Road (between Taylor Boulevard and Gregory Lane) as part of the Pleasant Hill Road Improvement Project.