Measure K - Five Year Storm Drain Improvement Program

As part of the recently approved Capital Improvement Program, the City included $2.4 million in future improvements as part of the Five Year Storm Drain Improvement Program.  The Storm Drain Improvement Program provides for the installation of new storm facilities and the upgrade of existing storm drain facilities.  The program primarily addresses locations of poor drainage or areas with localized flooding problems.  Projects funded through this program are implemented per the City's Storm Drain Improvement Priority List and Master Plan.  Over the next two years, the budget allocates a total of $739,000 in Measure K funds and another $400,000 in local funds.  Some of the projects include:
1. Storm Drain Improvements at Shelly Drive and Hawthorne Drive.  This project will rehabilitate existing storm drain facilities which direct surface water into Murderer's Creek.  Additional storm drain facilities such as new catch basins, pipes or gutters may be included.
2.  Oak Park Boulevard at Via Del Sol Storm Drain Improvement.  This project will install a new storm drain pipe across Oak Park Boulevard that will connect an existing ditch to the City's storm drain system.  The project will also install concrete curb and gutter to improve the flow of storm water and help to eliminate a localized drainage problem.
3. Storm Drain Installation on Pleasant Hill Road and Diablo View Road.  This project will install approximately 800 feet of new storm drain pipe with associated manholes and catch basins.  The project will eliminate the need to convey storm water through private property.