Pleasant Hill Road Improvement Project

PHR Lanes

Changes to left hand turn lane configuration at Gregory/PH Road 

As part of the Pleasant Hill Road Improvement Project between Gregory Lane and Taylor Boulevard, the City's contractor striped and modified the lane designation in the southbound approach at the Pleasant Hill Road/Gregory Lane intersection.

The original southbound lane configuration - Consisted of a dedicated left-turn lane (turning onto eastbound Gregory Lane), a shared left turn-through lane, and a shared through-right turn lane. A "split" traffic signal phasing was needed for the northbound and southbound directions so vehicles could safely utilize the shared left turn-through lane. Unfortunately, split signal phasing is very inefficient, and resulted in a high level of delays and backups.

The new southbound lane configuration - Consists of a single dedicated left-turn lane, a dedicated through lane, and a shared through-right turn lane. This will allow the existing traffic signal split phase to be removed. To compensate for the loss of the use of a second left turn lane in the southbound approach, the new traffic signal phasing will consist of two green phases for the southbound left-turn movement per signal cycle.

To inform motorists about the lane configuration change, the City's contractor has placed a changeable message board in advance of the intersection in the southbound approach, and a row of traffic channelizers has been placed between the left turn lane and the through lane to provide more visual guidance.

Changes to the traffic signal hardware and phasing are anticipated in July (there are delays in traffic hardware materials due to Covid19). In the meantime, staff will continue to monitor the traffic flow with the new lane configuration and make timing adjustments to the existing traffic signal as needed.

PHR Paving

Paving on Pleasant Hill Road between Taylor Boulevard and Gregory Lane is expected to be complete today, with utility adjustments and final striping to be completed by the end of next week.

This week, crews successfully completed over 22,000 square yards of in-place recycling of existing asphalt and placement of over 3,700 tons of new asphalt along this corridor between Taylor Boulevard and Gregory Lane.

With this phase of the Pleasant Hill Road repaving project complete at the end of next week, the next phase will begin June 15 with the installation of new street lights and signal upgrades. All work is scheduled to be completed by early July.

We appreciate the community for their patience and respecting necessary lane closures and detours during this process and while construction is ongoing. Drivers should continue to expect some minor delays in the following weeks.

Most construction will continue between 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

PHR Paving

Paving on Pleasant Hill Road between Taylor Boulevard and Gregory Lane is under way and should be done in a little over two more weeks (June 15).

This week, crews successfully completed the first process of work by removing the top layer of old asphalt, making surface repairs to the roadway, and placing temporary striping. Due to rain on Saturday, the next phase of work planned for Saturday and Sunday will be rescheduled to Sunday and Monday.

This second phase includes recycling existing asphalt in place by mixing the material with cement, water and additives to form a durable roadway base. This should take two days if all goes per plan. The final phase will be placing the new asphalt layer, scheduled for late next week. The permanent striping will follow.

Lanes will be closed at times, and detours will be in place as needed. Drivers should expect delays and take other route if possible.

Changeable Message Boards will also be installed at key locations to let drivers know what to expect. Most construction will be from 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday thru Sunday. However, in an effort to reduce the impact on residents and motorists, there will be night work at the Gregory Lane and Taylor Boulevard intersections.

​Phase 1

​The work is located on an approximately ½ mile stretch of Pleasant Hill Road between Gregory Lane and Taylor Boulevard in Pleasant Hill, California. The work includes, but is not limited to: removal and replacement of concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, ADA ramps, and raised medians; installation of irrigation system and landscape; traffic signal modifications; installation of LED street lights; utility adjustments and traffic striping.

Phase 1 Bid Analysis 2019

Phase 2

The City of Pleasant Hill has contracted with Ghilotti Bros., Inc. to provide a new resurfacing treatment on Pleasant Hill Road, between Taylor Boulevard and Gregory Lane, between May 18, 2020 and June 15, 2020.  This treatment is a three part process, and includes milling, Cold-in-Place recycling of the existing asphalt roadway, followed by an asphalt concrete overlay.  All three processes will require lanes to be closed for a period of time to allow all resurfacing materials to be placed and cooled.