2019 Street Resurfacing Project

The 2019 Street Resurfacing Project calls for the resurfacing of five out of 24 residential neighborhoods.  In past years, the City typically would rehabilitate one to two neighborhoods every two years due to limited funding.  However, with the advent of new Measure K and SB1 funds, and by combining two years of program funding (FY18/19 and FY 19/20), this year's street resurfacing budget has grown to approximately $6 million allowing for five residential zones to be completed in one budget cycle.  Of that, $4.62 million is from Measure K funds and $1.38 million is from local funds.

​The project is divided into two work phases.  Phase I, anticipated to being in March, consists of preparing the streets by repairing potholes, sealing cracks, installing new ADA curb ramps, and limited concrete curb, gutter and valley gutter repair.  Once completed, the contractor will proceed with Phase II, providing a final pavement resurface treatment on all of the project streets.  Affected residents have received a notification from the City regarding the project schedule.  All project work is expected to be completed by the end of June.

​For information regarding the City's Street Resurfacing Program, please contact Ann James, Assistant Engineer at (925) 671-5260.

Construction Award Staff Report & Resolution
Letter to Residents - Microsurfacing
Letter to Residents - FDR
Letter to Residents - Chip Seal

​The City of Pleasant Hill Engineering Division establishes five-year street pavement moratorium lists to better manage the pavement degradation from the effects of utility cuts.  Please click here for the Street Moratorium web page.
Artrial Collector and Residential Streets
Project Map