Update for Alarm Registration participants: If you have an alarm system in your home or business in Pleasant Hill, please be aware that Pleasant Hill has ended its business relationship with false alarm monitoring company CryWolf Services, aka Public Safety Corp. You may still receive correspondence from CryWolf services in the next several weeks if you have an outstanding balance or if there are any discrepancies with your account. Payments on any outstanding balances may be sent to the following address:

Pleasant Hill False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 398839
San Francisco, CA 94139-8839

In the coming weeks, you may receive correspondence from our new false alarm monitoring service, Alarm Program Systems (APS). We are confident this partnership will benefit our community going forward. Please call (925) 288-4632 with any questions. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

To register an alarm system, download a printable registration form by clicking here.
Simply print the form, fill-in the information as required, and mail your form with payment to the address indicated at the bottom of the document.

The Pleasant Hill Police Department thanks you for your participation!