Oak Park Properties Statement - April 2017

Park District and County agreement sets stage for potential recreational fields and new library

The Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District, Contra Costa County and the City of Pleasant Hill have announced plans for potential new recreational fields and a new community library. This has been made possible through an agreement between the County and the Recreation & Park District.

The agreement provides an option through the end of 2019 for the Recreation and Park District to purchase a five-acre site (1750 Oak Park Boulevard) from the County for potential future recreational uses.

The five-acre site is home to the current Pleasant Hill Library and a vacant administration building. The library will continue to operate in its existing location until a new one is available, at which time the Recreation and Park District will transition the site into new recreational space.

The Park District believes that this agreement is an important step in addressing a substantial identified need to provide additional recreational field space for children and families to participate in healthy outdoor activities.

The City and the County can now move forward on an agreement for the transfer of approximately three acres at 1700 Oak Park Boulevard (the vacant property across Monticello Avenue from the current library building) for the new library location.  

Concurrent with the City and County discussions, the City is moving forward with plans for the design and construction of the new library. The City recently issued a Request for Proposals from architectural firms to begin the design of the building and landscaping improvements. It is anticipated that an architect will be hired this summer to begin work in early fall. The library design process will involve extensive community outreach and engagement through workshops and public hearings.

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