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Pleasant Hill Library - The Green Zone
Are You Ready to Get in the Zone!? Green Zone

The Pleasant Hill Library has embarked on an exciting new partnership with the City of Pleasant Hill to promote reuse, increase recycling, and assist the City reach its goals for diverting usable materials from landfills. The State of California mandates that all cities in California continue to increase the diversion of solid waste from landfills and the Green Zone is designed to show us all how we can be part of the solution to meet that goal.

Located in the Pleasant Hill Library, the Green Zone includes an extensive collection of books, periodicals and audio/visual media, web resources and educational programs.  All of these resources are selected to help adults, teens, children, seniors, businesses, residents who live and work in Pleasant Hill do their own research and reading on environmental concepts and solutions.

The library has always been a place where we can all practice reuse – of books and other library resources.  The Green Zone is a place for anyone to come learn and discover more about waste prevention, new ideas on reuse, more about what is recyclable, and how simple it is to compost food scraps and yard trimmings.  Throughout the year the Green Zone will also install educational exhibits on important environmental topics and concepts.

For an update on the Green Zone keep an eye out for the next issue of the Pleasant Hill Outlook – or better yet, stop by the Pleasant Hill Library to see what’s happening in the Green Zone.

For more information on waste prevention, reuse, recycling and composting – and updates on Green Zone programs – visit Pleasant Hill Recyles or call (925) 671-5229.