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Street Sweeping
Schedule Change Effective July 2015
Street Sweeping Schedule - determine which day your street will be cleaned.

Pleasant Hill Street Sweeping Schedule
Effective July 2015

The following schedule will be in effect for street sweeping services in Pleasant Hill from July 2015.  The level of service is not changing. All residential neighborhoods will now be swept during:

  1. The SECOND week* of the month; and
  2. During the months of January, March, May, July, September, November and December.

*For the purposes of this schedule, the second week of the month begins with the second Monday of the month.

The day of the week that your street is swept will change for some residents.

To determine which day of the week (Monday through Friday) that your street is swept please scroll through the alphabetical listing of streets

2015 Street Sweeping Weeks

Residential street sweeping weeks in 2015 begin Monday July 13, September 14, November 9, and December 14. 

Additional Sweeping for Major Arterial Routes

Major arterials including Contra Costa Blvd.,  Oak Park Blvd., Putnam Blvd., Patterson Bvld., Taylor Blvd., Chilpancingo Parkway, Golf Club Road and Viking Drive are swept four times each month on Monday nights.

The following streets are swept four times each month on Wednesday nights – Taylor Blvd. (from Morello to Dinosaur Hill area), Pleasant Hill Road, Gregory Lane, Cleaveland Road, Geary Blvd., and Monument Blvd.   

Morello Avenue and Boyd Road are swept the 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights of each month. 

Guidelines to Help Keep Your Street Clean
The City of Pleasant Hill's street sweeping program is funded by your local Stormwater Pollution Program to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. Street sweeping removes pollutants before they drain into stormdrains, ditches, and creeks which eventually flow into San Francisco Bay untreated.

Please use these guidelines to help us keep your streets clean:
  • Please park your car off the street on your scheduled sweeping day. Sweeping around cars requires more time and is a dangerous maneuver
  • Keep your landscaping pruned back far enough to allow sweepers to sweep against the curb.
  • Keep tree branches pruned to a height of 14 feet above the street to allow safe passage of sweeper
  • Sweepers are not equipped to pick up large piles of leaves in the street
  • Private streets will not be swept by the City

If you see someone dumping into a storm drain, call 1 800 NODUMPING (1-800-663-8674). Record as much information about the incident and parties involved.

Help us reduce pollution and aid our street sweeping by removing vehicles, basketball backboards, garbage bags, and other obstructions on your sweeping day.