Diablo Vista Water

The Diablo Vista County Water System was formed in 1950 to provide untreated canal water for irrigation to 475 homes in the area bounded roughly by Oak Park Boulevard, the Contra Costa canal, Boyd Road and Patterson Boulevard, known locally in Pleasant Hill as "Poet's Corner."  In 1963, the Diablo Vista Water System merged with the newly incorporated City of Pleasant Hill, and changed it's name to Diablo Vista Water System "DVWS".

The service charge for running the water system is included as an assessment on the property tax bill of residents that reside with the boundaries of DVWS.  It is not necessary to notify DVWS if you are a new resident or are moving out of the area.

System Update

(Update 9/26/19 - the pumps are temporarily off - Engineers are working on restoring the system)

The system has been turned on for the season.  Currently there are no street leaks pending repair.  All residents should be receiving water.  To report leaks or for further information contact the dispatcher at (925) 383-2233 or via email at dvws.dispatcher@gmail.com     
Updates will be sent out on the 'Notify Me' listserve.  Residents can sign up for automatic system alerts and notifications. You can opt to receive email or text messaging notifications (or both).

The position of Engineer is currently open.  Click here for information on the application process.  
Applications are due September 13, 2019.  The position will remain open until filled.