Gregory Gardens Elementary

gregory gardens elementary 2014.JPGDescription of Project
1. Elementary Playground Painting/Up keep (Need Industrial coating curb marking paint from Kelly Moore) 2. Preschool Playground: cleaning and organizing toys (need rags, cleaning supplies); painting touch up of mounted décor (need paint brushes and outdoor paint - multi-color) 3. Classroom Courtyards: Cleaning equipment/tables; installation of redwood planter (need tools, etc.) 4. Gardening upkeep and annual planting: assemble and install additional student benches; replant where needed (need gardening tools, brooms, rakes, shovels) 5. Student Restrooms Mural Renovation: Repair/touch up murals in boys’ and girls’ restrooms (need paint brushes, paint, tarps, drip pans) 6. Classrooms: assist teachers with individual classroom projects 7. Storage Unit Installation: Install shelving inside the 8’ X 40’ storage unit; possible painting 

# of Volunteers Needed: 40
Duration: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Contact Person: Katherine Piper
Email Address:
Phone: (925) 324-1816
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