Streets, Storm Drains, & Graffiti

New signage

Street Signs

Maintenance personnel create and install street and directional signs throughout the City. If you notice that a street sign is damaged or missing, please contact the Maintenance Division at (925) 671-4646.

Street Maintenance

The street maintenance section:
  • Identifies, maintains, and repairs current and potential street paving failures
  • Completes pothole repairs and pavement markings for the 110 miles of streets in Pleasant Hill
  • Performs annual crack sealing and base repairs in support of an annual resurfacing and slurry seal capital improvement project

Street Lights

  • Street lights in Pleasant Hill are maintained by PG&E
  • Maintenance personnel help PG&E monitor the street lighting on major streets; outages are reported to PG&E for repair
  • Malfunctioning street lights in residential neighborhoods should be reported directly to PG&E or contact the City's Maintenance Division at (925) 671-4646

Storm Drains

Maintenance personnel inspect, clean, and maintain the 1,500 storm drains in Pleasant Hill, covering over 150 miles of piping systems, to keep them free of debris so storm water flows freely.

Graffiti Reports

The Maintenance Division:
  • Identifies property owners
  • Removes graffiti
  • Works with Police to prevent future property damage

Street Sweeping

If you have a problem with Street Sweeping, please call the Street Sweeping Hotline: 925-288-3181.

The City of Pleasant Hill's street sweeping program is managed by Republic Services, and paid for  by your local Stormwater Pollution Program to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. Street sweeping removes pollutants before they drain into storm drains, ditches, and creeks which eventually flow into San Francisco Bay untreated. Please use these guidelines to help us keep your streets clean:
  • Please park your car off the street on your scheduled sweeping day
  • Sweeping around cars requires more time and is a dangerous maneuver
  • Keep your landscaping pruned back far enough to allow sweepers to sweep against the curb
  • Keep tree branches pruned to a height of 14 feet above the street to allow safe passage of sweeper
  • Sweepers are not equipped to pick up large piles of leaves in the street
  • Private streets will not be swept by the City
If you see someone dumping into a storm drain, call 800 NODUMPING ((800) 663-8674). Record as much information about the incident and parties involved. Help us reduce pollution and aid our street sweeping by removing vehicles, basketball backboards, garbage bags, and other obstructions on your sweeping day.


During storm season (November through April) the City provides free sand and sandbags for Pleasant Hill residents. Three self-service sites are available. These stations are stocked with a shovel, a large pile of sand, and empty sandbags.
  • City Hall parking lot - 100 Gregory Lane at Trelany (behind Michael's)
  • Pleasant Hill Community Center parking lot (320 Civic Drive), behind the Police Department and YMCA, at the northwest corner of the parking lot