Presidential Volunteer Service Award Program

The Award Program

PVSA.jpgThe Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a national volunteer awards program that  recognizes, celebrates and inspires volunteerism, service and citizenship in the community. The City of Pleasant Hill, through its Education Commission, is pleased to bring this prestigious award opportunity to our youth grades K-12.

Who can participate?

Any student attending a school in Pleasant Hill or who lives in Pleasant Hill, in addition to students attending all schools in the College Park High School feeder pattern (which includes Hidden Valley Elementary), can participate in the PVSA program.

What are the requirements?

Students receive awards based on their age and the number of volunteer hours they perform between September 1 and August 31. See chart, below, for detailed information on hours required per age group.

 Age Group  Bronze  Silver  Gold
 Kids (5-10 years old)  26-49 hours  50-74 hours  75+ hours
 Teens (11-15 )  50-74 hours  75-99 hours  100+ hours
 Young Adults (16-25)  100-174 hours  175-249 hours  250+ hours

More eligibility information is available on the PVSA website.

How to participate:

  • STEP 1: Sign up by clicking here
  • STEP 2: Keep track of the hours you volunteer between September 1 and August 31. (You can print out this Volunteer Hours Log, or use a different tracking method. This does NOT get turned in!)
  • STEP 3: Once the Volunteer Period (September 1 through August 31) is over, submit your total hours volunteered using this form (don't worry, we'll send a reminder in early September)

Awards are presented in late fall at a City Council meeting. You will be notified in advance so you and your family can be part of the presentation.

Questions? Please contact our Education Commission staff liaison, Gayle Vassar.